Bitcoin Debit Cards in India

It’s no secret – Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency right now. It is extremely convenient to use and it is independent from governments and banks – a true currency of our generation.

As there are more and more places that accept Bitcoin, it is natural that people want to possess a tool to use their funds conveniently.

So, here’s where Bitcoin Debit card in India comes into mind.

However, up until now it was a real pain to find such a card – mainly because of the interesting nature of Bitcoins that makes them different from all the regular currencies.

In this article, I will briefly look through the reasons why Bitcoin is a really good cryptocurrency to use, show you a neat debit card to pay with Bitcoin in India, and list a few websites where you can easily buy Bitcoin with your debit card.

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Why Use Bitcoin in India

There are more and more ways to spend your Bitcoin in India. Most of them involve online e-commerce pages where you can buy many various goods.

For example, you can easily buy Dell computers, a lot of other electronic devices from different sellers, or even airline tickets.

But why should you choose Bitcoin over other forms of currency?

Well, I have a few reasons for using this cryptocurrency. Firstly, I can guarantee that it is anonymous and no one will be able to steal your private data, no matter how hard they might try.

Then, there’s the speed. You can make a Bitcoin deposit instantly – and that’s not possible with the majority of bank transactions.

And, finally, Bitcoin transactions are free or cost very little. That’s a really good reason to have a Bitcoin debit card in India!

The Best Bitcoin Debit Card in India

Recently, there has been a new Bitcoin Debit cards released, and you can use it in India!

This debit card was launched by a Bitcoin startup E-Coin. But where can you use it?


It is accepted at all places, where you can use VISA cards. This is quite revolutionary as Bitcoin users in India and other places of the world were facing a problem of limited possibilities to spend their money.

Right now, this Bitcoin debit card has more than 20,000 users in almost 200 countries worldwide.

Websites Where You Can Buy Bitcoin with Debit Card

There is one other relationship between Bitcoin and debit cards, and that is buying Bitcoin with your debit card.

Yes, you’ve heard right!

It is possible to purchase more Bitcoin by simply using your debit card. You can do it from India or any other country in the world – you just need Internet connection!

A few of the example websites could be CoinBase, Bitstamp, or Bitpanda.

With some of these ways to purchase Bitcoin with a debit card, you might get your money in a few seconds! Using a card is a really fast and convenient way to buy and store your Bitcoin currency.

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